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Joining Mile Marker Club

Mile Marker Club has a collection of customized features and benefits designed to serve the needs of its members. Any one of these benefits can have a great impact on the growth and preservation of your wealth. We partner with you to achieve your financial freedom while preserving it for generations to come.



Mile Marker Club was founded on the idea of empowering investors to take control of their wealth. This begins with invaluable wealth education materials and conversations with top financial experts, all of whom have a unique knowledge of the needs of investors like you.
Whether you’re an accredited investor, you currently have alternative investments or you’re simply open to alternative investments, these wealth education materials can dramatically improve the rate at which you reach your financial goals – and help you change those goals for the better.
Our wealth education support includes:
  • Blogs, newsletter,  and strategy-specific implementation guides
  • Economic data to help guide your capital allocation decisions
  • Educational videos to help you craft your own plans
  • Industry expert webinars
  • Live, in-person symposiums



  • Access to your own personal financial website
  • Annual goal-setting and wealth objectives strategy session
  • Business succession planning
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Family wealth retreats
  • Liability and expense management framing
  • Passive and active cash-flow forecasting
  • Pension plan maximization
  • Personal financial reporting
  • Private 1:1 coaching with industry experts
  • Private, members-only deal flow library
  • Rental property portfolio analysis
  • Risk management/insurance structuring
  • Tax optimization
  • Wealth Organization
  • What-if scenario analysis



It’s hard for accredited investors to find a consistent source of quality private deals. We do a lot more than just share deals; we’re involved from inception to investor communications to ensure we offer the best possible deals – for our members. We are investors, too, so we work with our various deal operators to ensure they can provide the highest standards you deserve.

  • Due Diligence and Transparency - We initially vet deals and deal operators through our business development service process.
  • Co-Investment - In many cases we are investing our own money right alongside our members.  In every sense we are in it together.
  • Multi-Sector Approach - By addressing multiple sectors in our deal flow, we give our members more opportunities for growth in constantly changing market conditions.
  • Diversification of Risk Spread - We ensure our members have the diversification they deserve.
  • Constant Flow - We are always looking for - and improving - content for our deal flow to provide our members with a consistent source of investment opportunities.

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