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When you're able to spend your time doing only what you love, you are free.

We help Accredited Investors follow their passions by protecting and growing their wealth through alternative investments.


Mile Marker Club works with entrepreneurs and other high net worth families that seek to live a lifetime of financial independence.  We collaborate with families to organize their wealth, develop personal investment policies, and structure predictable investment income streams in order to realize their long-term financial objectives. Mile Marker Club’s expertise with real estate related asset classes, as well as a variety of other types of alternative investments, allows its members to live their best lives with the confidence and clarity they both desire and deserve. 

Mile Marker Club serves its Members with a CFO approach and teaches its members how to fully control their wealth, the foundation to being truly financially independent. The team is passionate about partnering with its Members to maximize after-tax income, magnify charitable giving, avoid missed opportunities, protect assets, and take care of their heirs and beneficiaries.  Members receive personalized, ongoing, wealth training and support from the Mile Marker Club team, as well as a close network of financial professionals aimed at achieving the greatest probability of financial independence for multiple generations to come. Mile Marker Clubs enables its members to take control of their wealth and invest strategically, so they can find the comfort and independence for their family for generations to come.

Spend your time chasing your passions, not your 9 to 5.

Wealth Planning

Mile Marker Club was founded on the idea of empowering investors to take control of their wealth. This begins with invaluable wealth education materials and conversations with top industry financial experts, all of whom have a unique knowledge of the needs of investors like you.

Whether you’re an accredited investor, you currently have alternative investments or you’re simply open to alternative investments, these wealth education materials can dramatically improve the rate at which you reach your financial goals – and help you change those goals for the better.

Custom Strategies

Once you've created a Family Investment Policy and Organized your wealth in one location, Mile Marker Club will create a very personalized plan to help you achieve and maintain your best financial life. You no longer have to figure all this out on your own. Besides having access to our experts, you’ll be part of a supportive family of investors that share your aspirations.

Wealth Organization

Most people understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” investment portfolio. However, plenty of people will try to formulate the best asset allocation plan based on data points like your age, the size of your family, and your risk tolerance. While these can be good guides for beginning to think about your assets, the truth is that only you can truly know your financial situation and the reasons behind your investment decisions to create the perfect custom-built portfolio. Mile Marker Club will partner with you to construct the portfolio that best meets your long term financial goals.

Alternative Deal Flow

Deal flow is your lifeblood and it has to be managed properly. The more investment opportunities you are exposed to and the more structured data you have on them, the better-informed decisions you can make on deals that will benefit your Family Investment Portfolio.

Watch the Testimonial

“It’s given us a really unique opportunity to have some conversations that we might not naturally have. We’ve talked about our plans and what they look like, we talked about a couple of things like our liquidations strategy. Some really interesting conversations have occurred between us two, so it’s been really a pleasure to be here.”Wendy copy


Watch the Testimonial

“I guess there are fewer people than in other clubs we belong to, but the interactions I’ve had with the other members were satisfying to us. Simple, honest.”

“Everyone wants to help each other. Very positive.”


Watch the Testimonial

“I think it’s the exchange of ideas. To get together with likeminded people and see what they’re investing in. And then to have Ryan’s professional input on some of that so we can throw out our ideas and he can give us his input. I think it’s the community that you’ve been talking about.”


Watch the Testimonial

“Working with Ryan and the MMC has really helped me in developing a feeling of comfort and giving me a more clear picture of things I need in order to move forward more confidently.”
Drew copy


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“Until you start meeting the people that are behind the alternative investments, then you realize this is actually a very viable market, a market that is just an under-appreciated market and it’s not all that speculative. There are risks involved in everything, but much less risk than I was expecting. ”
Todd copy


Watch the Testimonial

“Well, we totally feel inspired. There’s no question about it. You’re inspired by the time you leave.”


The Right Team Makes All The Difference

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